About Us

  • New-Indy is a joint venture between The Kraft Group and Schwarz Partners. The company name is derived from being the Newest Independent manufacturer and supplier of recycled containerboard in the corrugated box industry. With nearly 2,000 employees from the Carolinas to California, we strive to be the supplier of choice for packaged products.
  • Number of local employees: 450
  • Property size: 1,800 acres
  • Facility size: 940,000 sq. ft.

Annual Economic Impact


Payroll and benefits 62
Other operating costs 100
Cost of wood and recycled fiber 115
Energy purchase 25
Taxes 8
TOTAL impact $310 million

New-Indy is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and promoting economic vitality throughout the region.

  • New-Indy purchases wood from 110 different regional suppliers: 85% in South Carolina, 14% in North Carolina & 1% in Georgia
  • Major operating costs:
    • Maintenance and repairs – $40 million
    • Supplies – $20 million
    • Outside services – $20 million
  • We are the largest single customer of Duke Energy and York County Natural Gas.
  • Taxes paid annually:
    • Real property – $300,000
    • Sales & Use – $700,000
    • Personal property – $7 million

Supporting Sustainability

The Catawba Mill:

Paper and Packaging manufacturing is one of the most sustainable industries we have in the United States today. New-Indy takes pride in being part of an industry that acts as stewards of our planet and the forests that occupy it.

  • New-Indy is ISO-certified in quality management and environmental management. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global certification process for a variety of organizations and systems.
  • The mill sources wood fiber and maintains a chain of custody and controlled wood certificates under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).
  • We derive 73% of the energy used from renewable sources, including hydroelectric power and an on-site cogeneration facility.
  • New-Indy helped develop and teach the South Carolina Best Forest Management Practices to landowners and suppliers who provide us wood. These practices set and monitor harvesting standards to protect forest water quality and ensure the sustainability of logging practices.
  • New-Indy generates 44 million watts of electricity on-site from carbon-neutral biomass.
  • New-Indy Has won numerous industry awards, including South Carolina Manufacturer of the Year and Top 10 Best North American Plants. Established in 1990, the IndustryWeek Best Plants program annually recognizes plants that are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and create rewarding work environments.

Community Support

Since 2019

New-Indy is committed to being a responsible member of the community. As a proud member of several local organizations, New-Indy also sponsors local events and donates to many local institutions.

Local Associations / Memberships
  • York County Chamber of Commerce
  • South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
  • South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance
  • South Carolina Energy Users
  • South Carolina Forestry Association
Community Donations / Sponsorships
  • Little Free Libraries (Cherry Park, Riverwalk, Manchester Park, The White Home, Lesslie Elementary, Olde Point Elementary, Northside School of Arts, Richmond Drive Elementary, Camp Canaan)
  • Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation
  • A local partner with elementary (Leslie, Belleview, Independence), middle (Sullivan) and high schools (Rock Hill)
  • Christmasville
  • Come See Me Festival
  • Lancaster Children’s Home
  • The Lancaster School District
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Critical Needs
  • Covid PPE for partner schools
  • Covid vaccine clinic volunteers
  • Covid vaccine clinic donation
  • Special Olympics EE support
  • Partner elementary school benevolence fund donations